I studied the Level 3 BTEC and had a great time on the course. I felt like to continue my degree here would be to continue what I had started and build on what I’d learned. Plus, I’d already built a relationship with the tutors and knew the facilities.

The two-year accelerated degree appealed to me because I didn’t like the idea of student debt and originally wasn’t planning to go to university, but doing the degree this way is going to save me money. I live close too so I’m also saving by not having to move away from home.

After the course I was originally looking to work in film but having worked with the TV elements of the course it’s inspired me to consider a path that involves both.ock.


Broadcast Media and Film Production

I’m a single mum, and as my kids were growing older, I knew I wanted to do something that my previous work experience hadn’t prepared me for. I didn’t have a specific career; I did lots of different jobs. When I decided to go back to work after having children, I knew I wanted more, so I decided to pursue a degree to take a step towards a career. I qualified for help with childcare, which helped me balance the costs and free up time to study outside of my university hours.

I found it really easy to engage in the lessons and participate in classroom discussions. We’re all very different in the class, but everyone is really friendly. We have WhatsApp groups where we ask questions, share resources, and support each other.

After completing the degree, I’m hoping to pursue a Master’s and then work towards a career in social policy.


Sociology and Psychology

My fondest memory is making new friends that have been really exciting, and all the knowledge that we’ve managed to gain has been truly incredible. To sum up my time in one sentence: rewarding and challenging. I learned to look at the world from a totally different perspective, and I realized that it’s never too late to forge new friendships. Now, I’m currently studying for my Master’s in occupational psychology at the University of Surrey.


Psychology and Sociology

I had a really positive experience on the course and made many really good friends whom I’m still in touch with today. I finished with a first-class degree. I really enjoyed my time on the course and would recommend it to others interested in the same field. This is a varied course; there are lots of different parts to it. It’s very versatile.

My current role is a business process automation engineer. I joined the company five years ago and started on a graduate scheme. It is a really enjoyable role with great perks, benefits, and good pay.



I had studied hairdressing and barbering when I was a teenager but realized it wasn’t for me. After some time out of education, I discovered there was an Access to Higher Education course – I did it and loved it.

I had never explored the academic side of myself before. I had left school without the best GCSEs, but I’ve really surprised myself here on an academic course. Especially because of the small classes, I don’t think I would have done as well in a big lecture theater environment. I’ve really enjoyed the small classes as we can really delve into topics, and the discussions can be really in-depth. We’re so familiar with each other, and everyone is confident to contribute to discussions.

My goal is to go on to do a Master’s degree, potentially in Research Methods. The degree has really broadened my horizons because I’ve truly enjoyed the learning environment. When I go on to do a Master’s, I don’t need to worry about the cost because I’ve already saved a year of tuition. The Advanced Learner Loan from my access will be written off too once I’ve finished my degree.


Psychology and Sociology

What I really enjoyed about my course was the lecturers. They were just so supportive in everything I did. For my final year project, I was able to create software, and my learning was further supported by my lecturer, which made the whole process of writing a dissertation and development far more enjoyable.

I’m currently working as a software developer, and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for this course and the support of the lecturers.



Before my degree I was working at St Joseph’s Primary School as a specialist one-to-one with children with special needs in a mainstream setting, having worked before as a learning support assistant. At first, I had no confidence in myself that I’d be able to achieve a degree, but I decided it was the right time and I felt like I wanted more in my career and to challenge myself.

I felt very anxious about submitting my first assignment. The lecturers encouraged me to keep going and I managed to achieve a good grade. It just got better from there.

If you’re thinking of getting into teaching, this is the course you should do. Gaining experience while studying is key. I’ve found now, after going into my teacher training, that those who don’t have the degree miss out on some key knowledge of behavior management and the general foundation that you get from doing the degree first.

I’m now a Key Stage 2 Class Teacher with the same school and I absolutely love it. I’m still learning every single day and everything fits into place.


Learning Support and Education

I’ve recently completed my BSc in Computing at University Centre Farnborough, and I absolutely loved it. The tutors there are incredibly supportive, and I will miss everyone I’ve met during my time there.

I have recently applied for a software developer position, and the skills I gained from my course have been instrumental in preparing me for this.

Despite my age, I was treated equally to others in my class. The tutors provided me with great support and guidance throughout the course.



I’ve always wanted to work with children, having worked as a swimming and gymnastics coach in the past. I took a gap year between my A Levels and degree and was working in a school as a learning support assistant when I joined the course. Lots of my colleagues had studied at Farnborough too, so I knew this was a good option for me.

The course was tailored to us, so we could apply what we had learned in the workplace really easily. We had some great lecturers; they made things practical and enjoyable while appreciating that the students come from different backgrounds and experiences. I felt like this degree gave me a lot of options for the future, whether I wanted to work in a school or in a nursery.

I’m working as a Reception Teacher at a local primary school now and am thinking of specialising in special needs and early years leadership.


Early Years

Wanting to become a psychologist and having worked full-time for a year at a healthcare company, I knew that to pursue my aspiration, I would need a degree in psychology. However, I felt daunted by the idea of attending a large university, which led me to apply to University Centre Farnborough.

While studying, I managed to balance a part-time role as an administrator for a children’s autism and ADHD assessment company. Additionally, I volunteered as a youth mentor, providing support to young people in my local area who were dealing with poor mental health.

Having been elected as the HE Student Governor for two consecutive years during my course, I have very fond memories of committee meetings alongside the principal, vice principal, and governors. I felt warmly welcomed by all committee members, and I appreciated the genuine importance placed on students’ voices when making significant changes and decisions within the college and UCF.

After graduating from UCF, I embarked on an MSc in Psychology (Conversion) course, followed by a PgCert in Counselling Psychology.


Psychology and English Literature

Before Farnborough, I had been working in IT for 22 years after obtaining a degree in 1995. I found it challenging to return to studying after such a long time, but with the support of the lecturers and my classmates who were in the same situation as me, I quickly adjusted to it.

The accelerated option was only two years, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to pursue it. Since I was unsure about my desired major, I decided to pursue a joint honours programme. This allowed me to choose two options to major in, giving me the flexibility to decide later on during my course.

I went on to study a Master’s Degree at the University of Surrey, then a Ph.D. I am employed permanently at Oxford University, working four days there and dedicating three days a week to my Ph.D. I wouldn’t have had this opportunity if it weren’t for Farnborough.

I would highly recommend my degree to anyone wishing to pursue higher education, as it enhances confidence, expands vocabulary, and provides an additional perspective on life.


Psychology and Sociology

I chose to study a joint honours degree because it allowed me to pursue a fast-track degree and save on fees. Another benefit was being able to utilize both subjects in my teaching career going forward.

The University Centre was only 10 minutes from home, so it fit well with my family and work commitments. I really appreciated the teachers, the small classes, and the friendly atmosphere.

I am currently teaching Business at Farnborough Sixth Form College.


Modern History and English

The lectures were great; the one-to-one experience really fulfilled the enjoyment I had here. You could get plenty of time with lecturers and had enough information to complete everything you were set.

Going forward, I’ve started my own fitness clothing business called “Aeries Fitness,” and I’m aiming to improve people’s mental health by the way they look and perceive themselves. I want people to basically challenge themselves mentally and physically in the gym—and in life!



I studied at another university originally but decided to come to Farnborough to study criminology, which fit in better with my career plans. Farnborough was different because the groups were so much smaller; it felt like I was getting 1-to-1 support. It was a good class, we had lots of fun, and everybody was ready to help.

I think you should take advantage of the opportunities you have locally, whether you’re an army wife like me or not.

The degree was really relevant to my career plans. I started as a teaching assistant locally and am now using the skills from my degree to go further and confidently start new challenges.

I’m now starting my career as a probation officer, thanks to my new skills and knowledge.


Criminology and Psychology

Counseling was always the career path I wanted. When I finished school, I was unsure about how to achieve it. During my time at school, I did clinical research and then took a four-year break to retrain. I have always had a passion for assisting people, particularly with their mental health.

I chose to study at Farnborough because, after researching other universities, it was the only local institution with good reviews and offered the exact course I wanted. The course at Farnborough provided more certainty. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, starting from the introductory course, progressing through levels 2 and 3, and finally obtaining a diploma. I spent four years studying at Farnborough, and it provided me with what I needed.

After becoming qualified, I established my own private practice. I have now been practicing privately for six years. Along the way, I have pursued various CPD courses, including Masters Practitioners in OCD, ED Emotional Eating, and Emotional Therapy. I have also obtained accreditation as a counselor and clinical supervisor.


Therapeutic Counselling

I had always wanted to be a teacher, but life had prevented me from getting the necessary qualifications. When my family relocated due to my husband’s work, I discovered University Centre Farnborough. Before, I had only come across online universities that could accommodate my job and family commitments. However, since I would now be local and already had a job as a teaching assistant, it was a dream come true as I could pursue my job and degree part-time.

Over time, our class has become a close-knit group that is really supportive of each other. With the support of the lecturers, the course and environment are not intimidating. Since I live nearby, my commute is always easy and there is always free parking available in a dedicated car park for degree students.

During my time here, I have already received a promotion in my workplace. They have recognised my participation in this programme and my dedication, so I will complete my teacher training at the school to fulfill my ambition of becoming a teacher in the future.


Learning Support

When I left school, I went into nursing and midwifery, and then became a foster carer.

At the time a degree wasn’t required for the field I worked in but I always felt I’d missed out by not getting one, so it’s been rewarding to do this. I’m doing the course for enjoyment and to prove to myself that I’m capable at my age of doing a degree. It’s a personal achievement and I’m looking forward to getting to the finish line.

I like studying here because the classes are small and the tutors are great. As a mature student  of 68 I don’t feel any different to anyone else in the class and I’m not treated any differently. There is a real mix of ages and we all bring different perspectives to the class.


Modern History and Sociology

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